Friday, April 15, 2016

Watercolor Journey: Introduction

Hey guys!

Today I am here with something very different from what I am used to post. I have watercolors!!! Watercolors are so much fun... But I never gave watercolors an honest try. Last year, I really looked into it and ended up purchasing quite a few sets, from very cheap to very expensive! Things were better financially and I could afford them. Again, I never really gave them a chance, all I did was to use them in the background of my mixed media pieces. So, I have been thinking about my watercolors a lot lately and decided to take a step towards more hand drawn/hand painted kind of art work.

My first step was to find an online class, and I found few great ones on Skillshare! This one that I am taking now is called Modern Watercolor Technique: Beginner's Level with Ana Victoria Calderon. I really enjoy the way she teaches.

After she goes through the material for the course, she make a little comparison with the different grades of watercolor. Here is mine:

I enjoyed making this comparison! It made me see and feel he differences between brands and grades of watercolor. I also had the chance to choose my favorite, which was very hard! Even the Crayola one was fun to play with! The Schmincke watercolor set is my most expensive one and it is absolutely great to work with... With just a touch of the water, the colors become alive and vibrant!! But for this first exercise, I chose to use the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor set (24 colors). 

This practice task is called Transparencies and it is a lot harder than it looks!! I started with plain water an a bit of paint and work from that always adding a bit of water ever time I moved on to a different square. I did 4 colors, but I guess I could use some more practice. In any case, it was great to use ad have fun with my watercolors!

I will keep updating the progress of my watercolor journey!!!

Thanks for passing by and reading my posts!!


  1. I love watercolors, too. My splurge was for a set of Schmincke Horadam tubes and the colors are definitely more saturated. But I found an old set of Grumbacher pans at an estate sale that I like also.

    1. I have never tried the Grumbacher one yet! But I have heard great things about it... Thanks for commenting! I love your art!