Saturday, January 10, 2015

Late New Year Art Resolutions!

This post is way long over due!

As this is my first post of the New Year, I would like to list the art projects I plan to take part in 2015. Some of you know that I am quite new to art, but this past year I have been actively involved with it since June, and I am having a blast! 2014 was a year of observation, where I really took in all the mixed media art out there. I joined in and met some wonderful people! I didn't really joined any classes, per se; except for 48 week with Donna Downey, but I have not finished it.

So, for this year I have decided to take on the mission of making art everyday. Art makes me happy and a lot less stressed with the whole life events, it calms me down and it gives me he chance to unwind, to detox the negativity that sometimes, we all have to deal with. Art also permits me to get in contact with my most intimate feelings... Art heals!

These are my projects for 2015:

Online classes:

48 weeks with Donna Downey (in progress - next lesson to be shared: Week 10)
Pan Pastel workshop with Donna Downey
Supplies me with Jane Davenport
Beautiful Faces with Jane Davenport

Yearly commitments:

Inspiration Wednesday with Donna Downey
Journaling Krazy Island Style (JKIS)
Life Book 2015
Journal 52
The Documented Life project (DLP)

Smaller personal projects:

Weekly Porstcard (4"x6")

Due to personal reasons, the swaps projects I was in last year will have to be in the back burner for a little while...

Well, this is it! Wish me luck..

I will need it! :D


  1. Glad to see you continuing with art. :)

    1. I have learned something last year... you have to push through... Sometimes, we feel like all the forces of the universe want you to stop, and I almost did... but I had to continue. Art fills my heart with joy! In time, I will go back to my swaps... thanks for commenting always!