Monday, June 2, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #1

Right... So, this is the time of the firsts, I guess. This is my first blog post, this is my first piece of art in so many that I can't remember, and for sure, this is the first time I am actually investing so much time, feelings and excitement into something completely out of my comfort zone. It is really funny how life takes you through different paths and you end up meeting people that can change your life. About two months ago, I saw myself getting so overwhelmed with the birth of my first baby that I thought I would lose my mind! Then, just like that I decided to look for a couple of images to color, just for fun, just to relax and I ended up getting watching videos on YouTube about art in general and that led me to art journaling. I found I liked to watch people create. One of those times, watching a video here and there, I see a post from a very talented artist called MixedMedia Jenn creating a cover for her ICAD 2014 cards.  See the video here:

So, I was thinking... "What on earth is ICAD?" To make a long story short: ICAD stands for Index Card a Day created by Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow and she challenges you to create one index card a day using whatever you have: markers, crayons etc... You can find all the information about the challenge here:

So, I researched a little bit and decided to join in the challenge. This is day #2 and I have never had so much fun with paint in my life! This photo here is my first ICAD. The prompt is PRISM. Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and much as I am writing it!

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