Friday, June 27, 2014

ATCs Jars II

New JARS!!! All available for trading!!!

ATCs Love Notes

Collage elements and embellishments. All available for trading.

UPDATE: "Your love makes me fly" is traded.

ATCs Rosa

Collage elements and embellishments. All available for trading.

ATCs Azzure

Collage and embellishments... ATC sized. All available for trading!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

ATCs - Jars

Finally finished them!!!! Jars... They all have different backgrounds, different things in the jar and a diffrent little tag. All available to trade...


ATCs Beauty

ATCs Beauty. They are similar but not the same. Each ATC has a different background. There of them has the sentiment: "Love of beauty is taste" and the other three says: "The creating of beauty is art". Both quotes by Emerson. All of them have a gloss finish. 


ATCs Wonderland

This is the Wonderland Series of ATCs... They all available for trading. They are all make with collage but the top three are embellished with shimmery metallic paint. Happy trade!


Friday, June 20, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #20

Day 20 - This one I made because my husband is offshore working and I miss him soooo much. He is following my posts everyday! So, this one is for you, amor! Te amo!

ICAD 2014 Day #19

Day 19 - I made this card with things my daughter chose from my table. She was pointing and I was using... Turned out a bit odd, I guess... bur she liked it!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

ATC for swap - Frida Khalo Swap

These were made for a swap called Frida Khalo at I used collage elements, embelishments, watercolor, background paper...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ATC for swap - ABC Flowers Swap G H I

I made these for a swap on called ABC Flowers. These are letters G H I. From the top, the first one is IRIS, the one next to it is GARDENIA and the one in the bottom is HIBISCUS. They are all vintage style... well, at least that was what I was going for. Hope you guys like it! Happy trade!

ICAD 2014 Day #18

Day 18 - Orange.
I love the quote and used the scraps on my work table and watercolor. A simple one today!

Art journal page - Stronger than before

My first art journal page!!! How exciting... The sentiment is from the lyrics of a Jah Cure song, called Stronger than before. You know when writes say that they HAVE TO write, because the stuff is in theie mind and they have to let it out? I never believed that, until this page. Until I created this page, this was in my head, bugging me until I finally made it... My husband loved it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #17

Day 17- Polka dots. Lots of thing to do with this prompt, but again I chose to go off prompt this time. A butterfly... i love them, don't have a change to do much with them, though. But there you have it... I love this ICADs, not sure why really, but I do... I used acrylic paint, modeling paste and the butterfly I colored with colored pencil.

ICAD 2014 Day #16

Day 16 - Roll the dice. Totally off prompt again... I have been dreaming of wings and flying for the past week. So, I decided to make a few ICADs with that theme... This one is a winged heart. I used acrylic paint, scrap paper and some embellishment. I hope you like it!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

ATC for Swap - Dressmaker Swap

This is me second try on ATCs and I am having a blast... I think I am addited to art now! I made 4 of these cute little dresses for a swap at These are not avaiable for any other swaps, but I could make more on a one-on-one trade. I used an old book page, fabric, button, scrap paper and some embellishments! I made them with a lot of love and care and I can't wait to see what I will receive!

Happy trading!

ICAD 2014 Day #15

Day 15 - Off prompt today! I used things I had on my table today and folowed my heart. I am loving this ICADs... such great opportunity to just let go! Be myself and create. Hope you guys like this one too. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My first ATCs!!!

This is so exciting!!! These are my first ATCs... I really like them! They are part of a series called: "The right words". I made there of each model you see here. The first one is "Enjoy life", the next is "Wishes of the heart" and the last one is "Never too late". They totalize 9 cards and they are ready for trading! If you are interested, get in touch with me here on the blog, leaving a comment or send me an email: 

Oh! Before I forget... I am Brazilain, but I live in Trinidad & Tobago in the Carribean, just so you know...

Hope you guys like them!

Here are all 9 of them together:

ICAD 2014 Day #14

Day 14 - Magenta. I made this card quick because I am in the middle of a next art project! But I loved how it turned out... I used a card from a deck (7), acrylic paint wash and a little embellishment. Hope u like it!

ICAD 2014 Day #13

Day 13- book review. This one I had so much fun making it! I love books so much I am always reading. So, here it is! Ah! I had to space to right that the quote is Ernest Hemingway's! Hope u guys like it!

ICAD 2014 Day #12

Day 12- Paisley. These past couple of days have been complicated but here is my yesterday card. I had no idea what to do about the prompt but here it is!

ICAD 2014 Day #11

Day #11 - Toy camera. This one is sooo personal to me. The girls in the ICAD are my daughters. The girl holding her tooth is Renisha, my adopted daughter and the baby is Aaliyah, she is 5 months now. Needless to say, this is my husband's favorite card so far, mine too!

ICAD 2014 Day #10

Day #10 - the Beatles. I thought about drawing some beatles but I thought it would be too punny... So, there u have it the title of an iconic song Alessandra style!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #9

Day #9 - Alphabet. This was my take on the prompt. I just used some card stock, stickers and markers. Ah! And some butterflies that were just on my table. Hope u liked it!

ICAD 2014 Day #8

Day #8 - Mandala. Ok... I am very bad at drawing so I decided to make a simple, but meaningful card. FIFA World Cup is in Brazil this year. I am Brazilian and addicted to football... But I have a life in the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago. This one is because I miss my country and wish nothing more than to keep that beautiful gold trophy in Brazil... Vamos nessa, Brasil!!!!

I used:

Acrylic paint
Permanent markers
white pen

Saturday, June 7, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #7

This is Day #7 - YELLOW. This ICAD came out just like I imagined. I had to make it quick because of my daughter, but the result was nice and cute. I wish I could make many more today... Anyways, this is it for today's ICAD. 

I used:
Scrap Cardstorck
Permanent markers

Hope you guys I liked it!

ICAD 2014 Day #6

Well, this is day #6. The prompt suggested NAIL POLISH, but because yesterday was my birthday, I decided to change a little bit. I turned 28 and I confess I am a little scared, but also so happy! I am married to a wonderful man, who is messy, but I love him anyways; I have a beautiful 5-month-old daughter named Aaliyah, who is my sunshine and always makes me laugh and I have an adoptive daughter, a 5-year-old, who is the sweetest child. I live in Trinidad & Tobago, which is beautiful sister islands in the Caribbean, but my family is all back in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... So, today is a little bit bittersweet for me... Well, I have my art, though and my new art friends on the Daisy Yellow Facebook page, a few art friends on YouTube. I am very happy! Let the years come, man... I ready for more time to make art!

I used:
Acrylic Paint
Gel pens
Washi tapes
Plastic heart
Paper towel for texture

Thursday, June 5, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #5

This is Day #5 - GALAXY. So, the whole environment for me to do this card was nos very supportive this time. Many personal problems involved, but after a bad night, followed by an even worse day, making my ICAD was very nice. I will keep my journey...

I used:
Acrylic paint
Permanent markers
and I cut the index card to shape the phone

Hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #4

This is day #4 - PUZZLE. This ICAD ended up being exactly what I imagined! It didn't take long but I gave a lot of work because I decided to cut each piece of the puzzle and glue them back this way. I had so much fun, I didn't even mind all the work. My husband even helped. He is excited about this challenge... more because I guess he never saw me so happy about something in a while. So far, this one is my personal favorite!

I used:

Acrylic paint
permanent marker
colored pencils

And a lot of patience!

ICAD 2014 Day #3

This is the ICAD #3 - Hello, my name is... Well, this one was difficult... I didn't have a clue of what I was going to do. My name was waaaaay too long, so I decided to use my daughter's name instead, but then I didn't know what else to do. My husband had to give me a little hand... The important part was that I enjoyed creating something from scratch.

I used:

Acrylic paint
Permanent markers
Homemade modeling paste
Gel Pen

Monday, June 2, 2014

ICAD 2014 Day #2

This is Day #2 of ICAD 2014 and the prompt for today is CIRCUS TENT. This is my take on that: my perspective is from under the circus tent. Here is a list of the materials I used for this card:

Acrylic Paint
Gel medium
Permanent Markers

I also used and old book page as my background... love this technique! It's so simple, but adds so much dimension to the card... Well, hope you like it!

ICAD 2014 Day #1

Right... So, this is the time of the firsts, I guess. This is my first blog post, this is my first piece of art in so many that I can't remember, and for sure, this is the first time I am actually investing so much time, feelings and excitement into something completely out of my comfort zone. It is really funny how life takes you through different paths and you end up meeting people that can change your life. About two months ago, I saw myself getting so overwhelmed with the birth of my first baby that I thought I would lose my mind! Then, just like that I decided to look for a couple of images to color, just for fun, just to relax and I ended up getting watching videos on YouTube about art in general and that led me to art journaling. I found I liked to watch people create. One of those times, watching a video here and there, I see a post from a very talented artist called MixedMedia Jenn creating a cover for her ICAD 2014 cards.  See the video here:

So, I was thinking... "What on earth is ICAD?" To make a long story short: ICAD stands for Index Card a Day created by Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow and she challenges you to create one index card a day using whatever you have: markers, crayons etc... You can find all the information about the challenge here:

So, I researched a little bit and decided to join in the challenge. This is day #2 and I have never had so much fun with paint in my life! This photo here is my first ICAD. The prompt is PRISM. Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and much as I am writing it!